My Wish for You this Holiday Season

My Wish for you this Holiday Season


This time of year is like an emotional tug of war sometimes. The natural inclination is to hunker down, relax, eat comfort food, drink hot chocolate - you know the drill, and maybe have a few chestnuts roasting on your open fire. Of course, with all the holidays there may not feel as if there is much time for that. Instead, we are rushing from one place to another, feeling stressed and overindulgent . 


So this is my Wish for all of you this Holiday Season:


My wish is that you find the sweet spot where you are truly celebrating. 

I hope you create the space where your beliefs, traditions and relationships all come together in a way that brings you joy. 

I pray that peace can be found in, at least, a small part of each day to counteract the chaos. 

I wish for you to see the season through the eyes of a child with unwavering faith and zealous anticipation. 

I hope that the light of the most brilliant star outshines any darkness you may carry in your heart. 

I pray that you believe…

        in goodness

        in others

        in yourself

        in something bigger than yourself

I wish for you to escape the commercial mayhem and enjoy the presence of those you call “family”

I hope you know that your are loved…

I pray that you share that love. 


But mostly, I wish for all of your desires to become your brilliant reality and that they fulfill you in the way you dreamed they would. 


To all of you, from all of us, in the Strong and Soulful Tribe…..

Have a Wonderful, Safe Holiday Season!!!   You are our greatest gifts and we are excited to begin 2018 together.